We are taught to think of our success in terms of numbers. If touching one persons life is a good thing, then touching one thousands people lives must be a great thing. Its easy to see where we learned to think this way. Our whole society revolves around mass production. The more units we can move, the more customers we can serve, the more boats we can get, the more money and the more stuff we have, the better, right? Maybe it’s not possible to touch one thousand peoples thinking, or as powerfully as one person. Maybe its not really so revolutionary after all, to have one person out of a group of twenty, tell everybody else whats right. Wouldn’t it be better if we tried a decentralized approach where everyone works closely with those around them, instead of a few people waiting in anonymous mass? Do you have to save the world all by yourself, why don’t you trust someone else to do it with you?
The Sound of Animals Fighting (The Ocean & The Sun)
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